Providing tailored IoT solutions for industries and makers

About Us

At IOTBITS we are focused into developing tailored IoT hardware and software solutions that facilitate collecting data from industrial devices into cloud IoT platforms. Our industrial technology expertise, continued delivery excellence and a passionate team, helps us to develop IoT connected products and solutions that would speed up integration of industrial controllers into the IoT world, such as Variable Frequency Drives, Modbus RTU sensors and PLC's. We design and develop our products, hardware, firmware and applications in the US. We are pleased to assist our clients with full technical support of our devices, as well as preparation, implementation and deployment of cloud services, in addition to providing free consulting services to assist clients reimagine their online sensor presence. Our experienced IoT consultants and developers will help to define what technology is best suited for customers applications, with solid expertise developing IoT solutions, based on Wi-Fi, LoRa, LoRaWAN, and Narrowband IoT.

What We Do

IoT Telemetry Solutions

IoT devices produce many types of information, including telemetry, metadata, state, and commands and responses. We develop solutions to send data from devices to any data visualization platform.

Control & Monitor for Industrial Machinery

We put your industrial machines and industrial devices in the cloud. Reduce maintenance trips, improve customer service and get full control of your industrial machinery and devices at any time from anyplace.

Open Source Solutions

Open source solutions are accelerating the innovation and adoption of IoT. We aim to contribute to the open source community by providing developers with the tools their needs to create custom solutions for their IoT need when using our devices.